Planned Parenthood protests held across the valley

Several protests are happening at Planned Parenthood across the valley on Saturday.

Organizers are demonstrating against the women's health care agency by holding protests in several cities, including Phoenix, Chandler, Tempe and Glendale. The protests are part of demonstrations happening in cities across the U.S. after controversial videos were made available that suggested the agency was turning a profit from unwanted pregnancies.

County Attorney Bill Montgomery is speaking at a protest at the new Planned Parenthood headquarters in central Phoenix. At that location, Planned Parenthood leaders are holding a counter-protest called Stand with Planned Parenthood. They point out that abortions make up a small portion of the various services the agency provides. The head of Arizona Planned Parenthood says that any claims they turn a profit from unwanted pregnancies is unfounded.

Police are expected to be on the scene of these demonstrations. This is a developing story. Stay with Fox 10 News for updates.