Police: 2 arrested for holding unauthorized rodeo, concert

South Fulton Police have arrested two men for allegedly hosting a large rodeo and concert without the city's permission.

Police say that 38-year-old Robert Figuero and 35-year-old Jorge Maciel failed to secure a permit to both host their special event and to sell alcohol at the Racho El Paraiso off Butner Road.

Officers shut the event down after police received multiple complaints from residents nearby.

"It's sad when you can't even get home," said Aurelia Hill, who was stuck in traffic for more than an hour. "My concern is that that area over there has become an event center. If you're going to rent it out as an event center, it needs to coded for event centers. You need to be aware that you have residents who live over here who need to get home; they need to go to work."

According to police, more than 2,000 people were in attendance and cars were parked not only on the ranch property, but along the roadway, leading to much of the congestion.

"Because this event wasn't planned properly, we had almost nine police officers that we had to dedicate just to traffic control," said City of South Fulton Police Chief Keith Meadows.

FOX 5 could not reach the ranch's owners for a comment.