Police identify suspect in shooting incident near St. Joseph's Hospital

A man has suffered non-life threatening injuries following a shooting Thursday afternoon.

Sgt. Tommy Thompson with Phoenix Police say the incident began at around 2:00 p.m., where a person in the hospital's emergency room tried to provoke verbal altercation with two other men, but was ignored. The man left the emergency room. Approximately two hours later, the men left the emergency room, and found that the man who tried to start the verbal altercation two hours ago was outside of the facility.

The man who tried to start a verbal altercation, according to Sgt. Thompson, tried to start a verbal altercation again, but this time, he produced a knife. A fight ensued, and during the course of the fight, a car described as a burgundy 2000-series sedan, possibly a Toyota, passed by with two individuals in it. The car's passenger had a handgun, and fired it, striking one of the victims in the leg. The car then left, heading south on 3rd Avenue.

The man with the knife, Sgt. Thompson said, was tracked down by an off-duty police officer who works at the facility as a security guard, and was taken into custody. On Friday, that person was identified as 19-year-old Jesse Angel Aguilar. He has been booked on a count of Aggravated Assault. Police do not know if Aguilar knows the two other men he tried to get into a verbal altercation with.

Meanwhile, Sgt. Thompson said the gunshot injury was not considered to be life threatening. Police are also looking for the two who were inside the car. An investigation is ongoing. Meanwhile, the occupants of the care have not been identified.