Police investigate possible road rage shooting

Police say a shooting that happened Thursday afternoon near Seventh Avenue and McDowell Road could be a case of road rage.

Eyewitnesses who didn't want to show their face on camera described the moments after a man hopped out of his car and started shooting at another vehicle.

"Talking smack to the guy that was still driving away while he fired the second shot."

FOX 10 was there as police had the suspected shooter in handcuffs.

The suspect's expression was very different from the blank stare witnesses said he had after the shooting.

Police say the suspect was driving a Veyo transportation vehicle and got into some sort of argument with another driver, then got out of his car and started shooting. The other driver sped off from the scene, then called 911 shortly after the incident. One of the bullets went through his car's back window and came close to hitting his 18-month-old child.

"Yep, just careless people out there," said a witness.

"So she could of got hit.. I could've got hit," said another witness.

As the shooting unfolded, two Phoenix Police officers were having lunch inside of a nearby Chipotle restaurant heard the shots.

Two officers were inside of a nearby Chipotle restaurant arrested the shooter.

"The officer stepped out of the Chipotle restaurant with his weapon pointed at the shooter, told him to get out of his car and arrested him," said a witness.

We reached out to Veyo, which is a medical transportation company. Their President, Josh Komenda, issued a statement:

"We are aware of the incident in Phoenix and saddened by the news. Thankfully it was a very isolated incident and no one was injured. The car did have a Veyo decal and we are working to confirm the driver's identity. All of our drivers must complete extensive background checks and are required to follow the company's strict safety standards, including a no weapons policy. We are working with the police department and as we have more details we will take swift, appropriate action."