Police investigating possible assault outside Mesa LA Fitness

At 4:45 this morning, Mesa police responded to a vehicle collision and possible assault at the LA Fitness on Stapley and University.

When they arrived, police learned the suspect rammed his car into another occupied vehicle twice, and in the process, struck a pillar outside of the gym.

Police say the two people involved had no previous relation.

"No knowledge to our part that they knew each other, this was a random act," Sgt. Efren Carmona said.

Police say shortly after, the narrative of the scene shifted.

"We'd learned through some investigation that he had some mental issues that he was dealing with," Sgt. Carmona said.

Intentions behind the collision soon emerged.

"After further investigation, it was determined tha the suspect vehicle was attempting suicide," Sgt. Carmona said.

With more information, officers say the possible charges the suspect could face changed.

"At this time, it looks like endangerment charges and criminal damages charges," Sgt. Carmona said.