Police: Man Arrested for Attacking Bus

Children on a Gwinnett County school bus were frightened when a man started banging on the windows and tried to get on the bus.

It happened in Stone Mountain on Noblett Road. The bus driver told police the man jumped in front of her bus to stop it, then started banging on the windows and door, trying to get in. At one point, the driver says he broke the handle off the door.

Nina Sevier was one of the students on the bus. She says all the kids were scared. "They thought the man was going to come on the bus and hurt us," says Sevier.

The driver says she slowly started to drive away but the man kept banging on the windows. The man finally left when another car pulled up.

A short time later police arrested 65 year old Joseph Durden. He is charged with disorderly conduct, interference with government property and abusing school personnel.

Durden's son, John, says his dad has been upset about the school buses that he says speed up and down the road. "I think that was extreme them arresting him and putting him in jail when he was just trying to tell them to slow down," says Durden.

All of the children on the bus are okay. Parents say the school sent home a letter telling everyone what happened. Still, some of the parents opted to drive their kids to school the next morning.