Police: Man arrested for sexual assault and indecent exposure incidents

Tempe Police Department and Mesa Police Department confirm they have arrested 29-year-old Carlos Olivas for sexual assault and indecent exposure.

Olivas was the person of interest for a sexual assault that occurred in Mesa on August 15, 2017. Olivas allegedly went up to a woman who was meditating at Dobson Ranch Park and asked the time. As she did turned to tell him, she noticed his exposed genitals.

He then attempted to hug her without her consent, as well as grab her privates under her dress.

Additionally, Olivas as wanted for multiple incident exposure incidents where he was caught grabbing his genitals in public places and stores such as Goodwill and WalMart.

When Mesa Police Detectives found and interviewed Olivas, he confessed to the sexual assault in Mesa.

Olivas was booked for two counts of indecent exposure and two counts of of disorderly conduct by Tempe Police. He was also booked for one count of sexual abuse and one count of indecent exposure by Mesa Police.