Police ramping up efforts to fight holiday crime

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but that doesn't mean criminals take a break for the holidays.

In fact, they may be looking to take advantage of you, and that's why law enforcement agencies around the Valley are ramping up efforts to fight holiday crime this year.

While there are several ways to protect your property these days, thieves are still walking up to doors and stealing packages. So, Silent Witness wants to change that with a new incentive to get communities more involved.

"Someone comes onto your property and takes your stuff, and your info leads to their arrest, we're going to pay you," said Phoenix Police Sergeant James Rothschild.

In the past, people with quality tips about crimes only got rewards in felony cases, but starting from Black Friday (November 23) and through Christmas Day, Silent Witness will offer rewards for information leading to an arrest, in cases of stolen holiday packages and decorations.

"Maybe someone saved all year for something, and it has sentimental value, but it still is a tremendous inconvenience," said Sgt. Rothschild.

No matter which city you live in, you are encouraged to keep an eye out for the bad guys. Not just on your property, but also your neighbors' property.

"The critical piece of what we do that can't be replaced by any form of technology is getting to know your neighbors," said Sgt. Rothschild.

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