Poop patrol: Park Rangers hope owners clean up after pets

If you hike around any of the beautiful trails in and around Phoenix, you've probably seen it, pet waste.

Now Phoenix Park Rangers are trying to do something about it, with a unique idea.

"It's unsightly, it's messy, it's smelly, and people can step in it," said Phoenix Park Ranger Chris Webb.

Ranger Webb is talking about "dog bombs," so to speak.

"It really is abundant," he said.

It has become so bad on the popular 32nd Street trail that the city decided to do something about it.

"Each one of these flags represents some poop that wasn't cleaned up by their owner," said Webb.

Rangers and volunteers spent the past few days placing flags at every site where an owner didn't clean up after their dog.

"This trail, in particular, there are a lot of people who don't think the rules apply to them for some reason, it's disgusting. I come up here almost every day and every day you see dog waste out here," he said.

Not only is it disgusting, but Rangers say it could potentially be spreading parasites to other animals. The team placed over 40 flags in a quarter mile stretch. The hope is that it will raise awareness to clean up.

"It's gross if you're going to come in the desert keep it clean," said Webb.

Citations for leaving the dog waste behind can cost up to $100. The city plans to use this program on other trails, and they will be at the trailhead this coming Sunday to talk to hikers about the issue.