Possible freeway shooter victim getting the runaround from DPS

Pamela Wooten says she had just exited them I-10 near Riggs Road. It was early Saturday when something came blasting through the back window of her pickup truck.

"And all of a sudden I heard boom while sitting in my vehicle, and saw there was a section of my back window taken out by about that much," said Pamela Wooten.

Pamela thought it was debris that hit and broke through her Nissan truck's back window, but it alarmed her enough to call 9-1-1.

A Gila River Police Officer responded and agreed that it was likely road debris, but the next day on the passenger side floorboard, her husband spotted a one-inch black metal ball.

It's not just sitting there; it appears to be burned into the plastic next to the floorboard. It's embedded so deeply; she cannot get it out.

So she called DPS to report the incident, that's when she became frustrated.

"I got the runaround, I felt like I was a victim, and it was not my responsibility to do the research and get the information out to them to prove I was a victim," said Wooten.

She hopes DPS will examine her truck and hopes it can lead to the shooter or a copycat.

"I don't think any report is too small for somebody to take a couple minutes and check it out," said Wooten.

She has a message for the shooter and any copy cats.

"Don't wait, stop now, and don't wait until you actually kill somebody, you need to have a conscience about that," she said.