Possible Pat's journey: Man has several feet of skin removed after losing over 300 pounds

WARNING: Graphic images

PHOENIX -- A FOX Follow up on a man we've been following for quite some time now. You may remember Pasquale Brocco, who goes by the name "Possible Pat." Through rigorous exercise and healthy eating, Pat has shed more than 300 pounds, but the extreme weight loss left him with a lot of extra skin.

August 15th was a huge day for Pat and his family. His wife, Jasmyne and sister Denina sat outside the operating room for 10 hours as Pat had several feet of skin removed from his muscular body. He's walking away from the procedure a new man -- and without any medical bills!

In 2.5 years, Pat has lost over 300 pounds. His exercise and strict diet left him with handfuls of excess skin.

"It was just like a big thing to him. He kinda still felt a little insecure about situations like that with his skin," said Jasmyne.

On Monday, Jasmyne and Denina sat anxiously as Pat had that skin removed.

"He was in danger and all that things that would happen to him, I think he just wanted to live," said Denina.

Dr. Remus Repta removed Pat's skin almost entirely for free. Pat contributed $2,000 from a GoFundMe campaign and Dr. Repta covered the remaining $38,000.

"Pat's definitely gave us the most amount of work because of his shear bulk.. the muscles and the shoulders and everything," said Repta.

After 10 hours Dr. Repta removed feet of excess skin from Pat's stomach, chest and back. The procedure was broadcast to the world on Snapchat.

"Because Pat did such a great job building all that muscle, we didn't have to do anything with that. We just did skin, so his recovery is going to be pretty easy," said Repta.

"He felt like oh, I worked this hard and now I have this skin.. and for the doctor to do this is like really amazing," said Jasmyne.

Everyone wants to know how many pounds of skin were removed from Pat's body. Dr. Repta said he didn't weigh the skin because it's so light.

Pat is expected to make a speedy recovery and can hit the gym again in four to six weeks.

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