Postal worker allegedly attacked by irate customer

A postal worker who was just out doing his job was allegedly attacked while delivering the mail by an irate customer. Now, there is an open investigation by the United States Postal Service, as well as the Phoenix Police Department.

The incident happened a week ago, at an apartment complex near 39th Avenue and Grand.

"I heard hollering out there, right by the mailbox," said Kristal Spiegelhoff.

When residents came out, they saw a woman assaulting the postal worker.

"He was like this, backing off, and she was screaming," said Spiegelhoff.

Officials with Phoenix Police said the fight started when the woman demanded the postal worker give her her mail. When the postal worker told her to wait until he was done, she got angry and began hitting the worker with an object.

Neighbors worked with police to identify the suspect, who was reportedly visiting the complex. She is now being held on unrelated charges.

"I don't see why someone would assault a mailman, because they're just doing their job and stuff," said Paul Gonzalez.

The postal worker was injured, but declined to go to the hospital.

USPS officials said these types of attacks are very uncommon, and in this particular case, the post office actually stopped service to the apartment, while they investigate what happened.

Residents are upset that the action of one is now effecting them all.

"They told us if they want our mail, we can go down there and pick it up," said Spiegelhoff. "And I was like, 'some of us don't have vehicles to get down there, you know?'"

A USPS spokesperson said the residents should start to get their mail, by the end of the week.