Pregnant 22-year-old's death motivates her mother to push for street safety changes

The mother of a pregnant 22-year-old woman hit and killed by a driver six months ago wants changes made in north Phoenix.

Christy Cabrera doesn't go a day without thinking of her daughter Ciera Traynor. She says Traynor jaywalked in Tempe at Priest Drive and Broadway Road when a driver didn't see her.

“The girl who hit her was 22 years old driving and she was changing her music, so for her not paying attention, she hit my daughter," Cabrera said. "She drug her ten feet, she was two months pregnant.”

Traynor’s death inspired her mother to make a difference. She wants a crosswalk or stoplight put in at Cave Creek Road and East Desert Cove, as well as East Claire Drive.

When Cabrera takes her kids to daycare each morning, she's concerned about drivers speeding, as well. Another argument for crosswalks.

“Nobody wants to stop for us to go to the other side we’re getting honked at cussed at because we’re not going to a stoplight, but it’s a while for us to go,” she explained.

The city of Phoenix says that camera studies have been done in the area, say there aren't enough people crossing despite citizen requests for crosswalks.

The city has not done a study on Cave Creek Road and East Claire Drive yet. It says if anything, a signalized crosswalk would fit the characteristics of the area better.