Preparations underway for President Trump's rally in Mesa on Friday

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- President Donald Trump is set to arrive in the Valley Thursday night for a rally on Friday.

The President is set to fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport at 9:35 p.m. Thursday, but there is no confirmation yet on where Trump will stay.

There is already a lot of behind-the-scenes prep work underway in Mesa, at a cavernous hanger at Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport. The same facility used back in 2015 when Trump, then a candidate for President, came to Mesa.

"It's not an airport-sponsored event, it's at a private hanger here that's located at the airport to make sure that our passengers has an easy experience," said Ryan Smith with Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. Smith went on to say that the visit shouldn't affect the operations.

As many as three C-130 military cargo planes can fit into this building, so it should be able to handle several thousand people without much trouble. One advantage of coming to this site: it's easy in and easy out for the President.

It's unlikely there will be a repeat of the clashes that happened after Trump's last rally in 2017 at the Phoenix Convention Center. In Mesa, protesters will be safely confined to areas outside the facility.

Meanwhile, supports of Trump are already heading to the area to check it out.

"I just want to support the President, and no matter what people's political views are, the Office of the President deserves our respect," said Sharon Grogg.

The President will also be visiting Luke Air Force Base.