Puppies left in burning truck at Mesa gas station find new forever homes

A pair of Shar-Pei puppies that were rescued from a burning truck that crashed into pumps at a Mesa gas station last month have been adopted!

"Puddles" and "Cuddles" suffered minor burns after police say a likely impaired driver crashed a pickup truck into the gas pumps at a Quik Trip on McKellips Road near the Loop 202 on January 30.

After the crash, the driver ran from the scene, leaving the puppies behind inside the burning truck. The driver was later found by police a mile from the gas station and was arrested.

Thankfully, Mesa firefighters quickly responded to the scene to put out the fire and rescue the puppies.

"They're very, very lucky that they didn't have more injuries or anything more extensive than they did and today, you won't even notice that they were involved in anything at all because they just have the best personalities," said Bretta Nelson of the Arizona Humane Society. "They did have some little minor scabs on all four of their paws when they came out of that vehicle."

Now, the 6-month-old dogs are friendly and more full of energy than ever before.

"They are just happy-go-lucky and they've been playing nonstop -- they wrestle with each other, I mean," Nelson said. "They're going to bring so much joy because they are just absolute sweethearts."

Eight families showed up at the humane society Tuesday morning and an adoption drawing was held.

"Cuddles" now lives in Chandler with two other canine siblings and "Puddles" found a forever home in Phoenix.

"Cuddles" has found a forever home with two other canine siblings in Chandler. (Arizona Humane Society)

"Puddles" has found a forever home in Phoenix. (Arizona Humane Society)