Puppy Bowl: Arizona rescues set to be featured in annual event

For some people, the best part of the Super Bowl is not the game or the food, but the pups.

During the Puppy Bowl, which airs on Feb. 12 before the Super Bowl, dozens of puppies from across the country will be taking the field, including some rescue pups from Arizona.

"It was quite the casting process, and only the best of the best get chosen," said Bretta Nelson with the Arizona Humane Society. "There are over 120 dogs from 61 shelters across the country."

One of those "pawfect" little pups is Phoenix, a rescue from the Arizona Humane Society.

"She just caught my eye. Her attitude, her cuteness, everything else. I just couldn't resist," said Chelsea Porter. "When we found out about the Puppy Bowl, we were beyond thrilled. I grew up watching it. My nieces and nephews absolutely love it."

Phoenix didn't play too ruff, which is why she is on Team Fluff.

"We are expecting great things from her, given how sassy she is. Very active, and loves her toys," said Porter.

Another potential MVP (Most Valuable Pup) is Inya. She is a rescue from the Nagi Foundation, a non-profit rescuing dogs, and supporting tribal communities.

"She's just a little angel. She worked out well with our other puppies," said Jorn Fledelius.

"This little dog's from Salt River, and we are the first Native American foundation to ever be featured in Puppy Bowl," said Sheila Lyengar. "To have little Inya chosen and represented in the Puppy Bowl is a lot of fun."

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