Red Cross helping residents after flooding at Mesa apartments

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MESA, Ariz. (KSAZ) - It's a nightmare that keeps on happening.

"When I got back here it was about two inches high and it only rained for about 25 minutes, but two-and-a-half inches in 25 minutes is quite a bit for us here," Greg Larson said.

Over 30 tenants living in the Brook View Apartments say every time hard rain hits the area, their homes are the first to suffer.

"This is like the fourth or fifth flooding that we've had and I just don't understand it," Larson said.

Some folks say the flooding here is so common, it's expected.

"Very afraid for the simple fact that we've had to replace everything two years ago from the storm in 2016," Larson said.

Newer tenants say they've never had to experience anything quite like it.

"Because my most of my stuff, like clothes and things in boxes and things, because everything has top be washed now because it got soaked," Jeffrey McCombs said.

Others, now called "hero," having spent several hours lending a helping hand to those who could hardly help themselves.

"Some of these people are in wheelchairs or they're just depending on somebody to come help them, so if it wasn't for anybody or me, somebody would've stepped in, so I'm just lucky right now to have been able to help out when I could," Gabriel Nava said.