Reddit Secret Santa sends couple on adventure

It all started with a special package delivered to a man named Blane in Phoenix who on Reddit is known as "Mr. Royal Scotsman."

That delivery sent Blane and his girlfriend on a daylong adventure, all set up by the Secret Santa they were setup with over Reddit, a man named Chris Waters who also happened to be from the valley.

"And he lived 21 minutes away, and at that point, I had to do something incredible. I didn't know if I would ever get the chance to do this again," said Chris Waters.

It took them to the zoo, the library, to a mirror maze in Scottsdale, and a lunch spot in Tempe, finally to the Papago Buttes. Chris says timing it all out took some work.

"Yes, I calculated it, out as much as I could. I Google mapped everything to make sure the timing worked out. I had my agents, friends that were helping out, and some were giving different clues at different times," said Waters.

Blane and his girlfriend successfully completed the hunt that ended at a restaurant in Phoenix. They got a bottle of wine, and a surprise as Chris showed up in person to meet them.

"It's really exciting right now, the possibilities are being able to build these adventures, and really just build something memorable for people," said Waters.