Remembering Phoenix's visit from Pope John II

It is a moment frozen in time during Pope John Paul II's visit to the valley in 1987. The pope greeted a little girl and a little boy. That 4-1/2-year-old boy Ysidro Acuna shared his memories of that day.

"I present him with a bell, and she presented him with flowers, it happened so fast, that's all I can remember," said Ysidro Acuna.

FOX 10 captured that moment 28-years-ago, it happened after Ysidro's mother Yolanda, a member of the St. Simon & Jude Church was asked if her son wanted to meet the pope during his visit.

"We just happened to be at the right place at the right time I guess; that's all I can think of. Everybody was there, and it was just awesome," said Yolanda Acuna.

Ysidro says at such a young age the whole thing seems like a bit of a blur.

"It was really crazy, I kind of remember some of it, there were so many people everywhere," said Ysidro.

Yolanda says she was nervous as the moment approached for her son to meet the leader of the Roman Catholic Church.

"By the time the day came, I was like oh dear Lord, please let everything go smooth, please please," said Yolanda.

Now looking back after all those years, the encounter is something the family will never forget.

"You just look at it and think oh I remember that, and I just stare at it," she said.