Residents in Phoenix neighborhood want answers to crime, homeless problems

People who live on Willetta Street in Downtown Phoenix are on edge, and some neighbors told the City Council Wednesday about their frustrations with policing, following a violent murder over the weekend.

"As a dad, a husband, a father and a neighbor, please think about how we are policing these neighborhoods," said Walter Crutchfield, as he pleaded with the Phoenix City Council to act, following the brutal murder of his neighbor.

According to Phoenix Police, 38-year-old Curtis Bagley allegedly stabbed 36-year-old Joshua Fitzpatrick to death inside his Willetta Street home. On the night of the alleged murder, police believe Bagley tried to chase a different neighbor and set fire to her door before killing Fitzpatrick.

"We should be shocked, but we should not be surprised," said Crutchfield, who made his points during public comment, a time period where the Phoenix City Council could not respond. He said it took more than 40 minutes for police to respond over the weekend.

"We need to move our policing from the Central City District to the Downtown District, and until we can solve macro issues like homelessness or mental health, we have to be quicker to police," said Crutchfield.

At 7:00 p.m., a neighborhood meeting has been called to further talk about the issue, and the Mayor's Office is expected to be involved.