Residents near Lights of the World say holiday attraction is too loud

A new holiday attraction isn't music to the ears of some people living near the Arizona State Fairgrounds, who say the noise coming from Lights of the World is way too loud.

Some in the neighborhood, who have lived there for years, said their evenings are being ruined by this noise.

"It happens everyday, for roughly about a little bit after 6, 6:30 to 10 o'clock at night," said Nathan Finden. He has been giving anyone and everyone involved with the Lights of the World event an earful about the amount of noise coming from the event space.

"One of our neighbors said that he would actually leave every night, just to get away from the noise," said Finden.

Lights of the World moved to the Arizona State Fairgrounds from Rawhide in Chandler this year. Finden lives about a quarter mile from where event stage is, but said the blaring nightly music is so loud, that he has to wear headphones to watch television.

"Ultimately we think the events great, we want them to stay, we would just like the noise, the amplified music, turned down," Finden said.

Executive Director of the Faigrounds, Jen Yee, responded to questions about the complaints with her e-mail she sent to some of the neighbors. The e-mail reads, in part:

Officials did take action with some of hte performances that stood out, but Yee's statement goes on to read:

Neighbors say the noise, compared to the State Fair, has never been this bad.