Residents near South Mountain brace for potential flooding due to rain from Rosa

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- People living near the South Mountain area of Phoenix are not taking any chances, as Rosa rolls through the Valley.

In July 2016, A downburst near South Mountain brought a lot of rain to the area, and flooded several homes.

"Um, nervous because of the building, and the water running off of the mountains," said Inez Levenhagen. She isn't the only one nervous about the potential for flooding in neighborhoods that sit near South Mountain. Chuck Bryson, who also lives in the area of 27th Avenue and Dobbins, knows first hand what significant rainfall will do, as it runs off the mountain.

"If we get two or three inches, it's going to knock out retention again, knock out the canal and come down hopefully," said Bryson. "I had to rebuild my whole house. I lost my house three years ago because of the storm."

Bryson and Levenhagen say while the city has completed drainage projects in the area, they aren't effective, especially in light of new homes recently built in the area.

While some homeowners are fretting the rain, Carmen Dorame who is new to the area, and has never seen it flood.

Dorame said she doesn't mind the rain. At all.

"We need the water," said Dorame. "I love it when it's raining, it's cloudy. I love this weather."