Restaurant faces criticism after holding fundraiser for pipeline protesters

A restaurant that's no stranger to fundraisers is facing a backlash after a recent event.

Last week, The Coronado raised money for the people protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline and ever since then, the attacks have been underway.

It was surprising for the restaurant that wanted to do something small for the protesters on the day after Thanksgiving. That day is typically quiet in the restaurant business, but the $2,800 raised made a lot of noise.

All they wanted to do was raise awareness, but they got a whole lot more than what they bargained for.

"The whole thing was much bigger than we ever thought it was going to be, which is awesome," said The Coronado's owner, Liam Murtagh.

The story about The Coronado restaurant's fundraising efforts was shared by more than 13,000 people on FOX 10's Facebook page, but it also made the restaurant a lightning rod for criticism.

"People are allowed to feel how they feel. People are going to do that whenever you take a stand on an issue, there's going to be a backlash. There's always a counter view."

Murtagh says business is fine and he's still getting calls of support and calls of criticism, but in the end, he says he won't block any comments online. Instead, he'll stick with a philosophy that he learned from a college professor.

"Say whatever you want about me. Because either it's the truth or it's not the truth. So if it's the truth, it means it's true and I need to accept that. If it's not the truth, then it's a lie and why would I accept that."