RETURN THAT: Valley residents returning Christmas gifts in post-Christmas rush

On Christmas Day, a lot of people woke up to dozens of presents under the tree.

On Tuesday, however, some of those items are heading right back to stores.

The day after Christmas is known as one of the top days to exchange, return and purchase items at a lower cost. According to a survey done by GiftNow, 54% of all gifts are exchanged or altered in some way.

On the day after Christmas, Valley residents were seen returning gifts too big and too small.

"Lulu clothes and then perfume and then more clothes," said one woman, identified only as "Talia".

Heading into 2018, folks want to not only get the right shapes and sizes, but they also want to score some more good deals. According to Senior Marketing Director Emily Park, post-holiday shopping can save people money.

"Nordstrom has their half-yearly sale each year through January 2nd," said Park. "That's always a great sale to check out. Always have really spectacular deals."

Park adds it's helpful to know where you're going, bring receipts, and have a parking plan.

When it comes to returns, even married couples sometimes miss the mark. Couples Patricia and Richard had to return a staple in every wardrobe.

"Men's underwear," said Richard. "She thought I was too big!"

Richard and Patricia's travails are proof that even the ones who love you most could have trouble guessing the perfect fit.

"I mean, he fainted!" said Patricia. "They were 42s and he wears a 46!"