Robbers Roost in Sedona defaced with graffiti

SEDONA, Ariz. (KSAZ) -- An area in Sedona that is considered a sacred site has been defaced with graffiti.

Hikers at Robbers Roost, or sometimes known as Shaman's Cave, found the area covered in latex paint with vulgar messages.

Two Sedona locals, Josh Gray and Jonathan Sprague, took photos and went live on Facebook showing the vandalism after hearing about it in a Facebook group.

Robbers Roost in Sedona is known as a healing vortex by many Native Americans and spiritual guides in the area. However, the area is somewhat off the beaten path, and not a popular tourist site like Cathedral Rock or Bell Rock.

This is just one of the many displays of vandalism at natural sites in the state. In April, vandals defaced Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona.

Anyone with information on who's responsible can contact the Red Rock Ranger District at (928) 527-3511.