Roof blown off Phoenix motel as monsoon storm pounces the Valley

The monsoon storm that battered the Valley Monday left behind a trail of damages, including a motel in Phoenix that had a 40-yard stretch of its roof torn off.

"The fact that only one person was injured was kind of a miracle, and fortunately nobody inside the apartment complexes were injured," said Larry Subervi with Phoenix fire.

The incident happened at the Airport Inn.

"I came home from work and things were flying," said Brandy Hamilton.

"My nerves were rattling, I was completely in panic attack mode," said Shambre Fritzel. "I was looking out the window when I noticed the wind was really really bad. Next thing I know, as I opened up the curtain, the roof got lifted directly off the building and was flying towards me."

Some of debris landed on several vehicles in the parking lot, and in the middle of it, a palm tree crashed down on another car.

"Everything was flying this way, but I didn't realize what it was," said Rozann Higuera.