Roswell mayor reacts to 'flip of the coin' arrest

The Roswell Mayor is weighing in after two of the city's officers were placed on paid administrative leave accused of leaving the fate of a woman in the hands of an electronic coin flip app.

Roswell Mayor Lori Henry called the incident "inexcusable" and said she was "shocked and offended" by the officer's actions.

Investigators said Sarah Webb was pulled over last April for speeding along Highway 92. Officers Courtney Brown and Kristee Wilson had the discretion of citing Webb for speeding or arresting for the more serious charge of reckless conduct. Body cam video showed they based their decision on the flip of an electronic coin app. The heads or tails decision went against Webb who was arrested on the more serious charge of reckless conduct and speeding.

On her Facebook page, the mayor wrote:

"The country has seen the video or read stories in the media about two Roswell police officers using a coin toss app in deciding whether to arrest or ticket a driver that had been pulled over for speeding. Like you, I am shocked and offended by their actions. I find the behavior of these two officers inexcusable and unprofessional. This type of behavior is not and should not be reflective of our police officers in Roswell who protects and serve our community every day. Behavior like this makes a hard job even harder for our professional officers. However, the citizens of Roswell and I trust and honor our protectors and this will not interfere with our respect for the rest of our police department. I ask the citizens of Roswell to support and respect the badge of the Roswell Police Department. The Roswell Police Department's Office of Professional Standards is investigating the incident and the two officers involved have been put on administrative leave, pending the results of the investigation. I want to assure our residents that I expect our police officers to adhere to the highest professional standards in their work and that the actions of these two officers are unacceptable to me and will not be tolerated by the City of Roswell."

Roswell Police Chief Rusty Grant told FOX 5 News prosecutors dropped the charges after the Fulton County Solicitor General's Office learned of the circumstance surrounding the arrest of Webb.

Officers Brown and Wilson, who are in their 20s and have been on the force about two years, are on paid administrative leave as the department conducts an internal investigation. Chief Grant said it's still unclear how long it will take to determine the outcome of the internal investigation.

Webb said she is contemplating legal action.

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