Runner safety: Police urge extra caution following murders of 2 women

PHOENIX -- After two high-profile cases involving Mollie Tibbetts and Wendy Martinez, women who were killed while out running, safety is on the minds of the running community. Some people are even making adjustments to their schedule, such as not running at night or alone, among other things.

"Every time I go running outside, I wear my hair in a bun so no one can take me by the hair. That's something I never thought about until recently a woman in Indianapolis got abducted by her ponytail, so I always wear my hair in a bun," said Carley Schutz.

There are many products you can buy to bring along on a run to make it safer. At Runner's Den, they encourage runners to carry things like handheld protection spray.

"A spray of this to someone's eyes.. it will either take them down or at least allow you an escape," said Runner's Den manager Ron French.

Another thing is what's called a screecher.

"If someone is attacking you, you just push on the button and it lets out a piercing noise. Put it near their ear, it is going to cause a disruption to their activity, their going to back off," said French.

And lastly, a whistle.

"That noise will not only draw attention to you know if you're in a crowd, but it will also allow you to be found if necessary," said French.

Another tip from French: don't play your music too loud or just put one ear phone in -- that way, you can be aware of your surroundings and hear if someone is coming up behind you.

The spray, screecher and whistle are inexpensive products and lightweight.