Say hello to Krystal Ortiz

FOX 10 meteorologist Krystal Ortiz is no stranger to The Valley. And that's a good thing, since her first day on the air coincided with monsoon storms kicking into high gear around Arizona.

Krystal grew up in Gilbert, and while attending Highland High School she realized math and science were her strongest subjects. And on top of that, she loved weather. But not just any weather, she was fascinated by the monsoon and went on to study meteorology at Arizona State University. Knowing she was a little more on the talkative side, she added broadcast journalism to the mix. And like a thunderstorm slowly forming on the Mogollon Rim, a TV meteorologist was born.

Her career took her through El Paso, TX (Where she met her husband) and Philadelphia, PA, but they always missed the southwest and knew they'd be back someday. And we couldn't be happier to have her join our team of one-of-a-kind FOX 10 Weather Experts. You can watch her nearly every evening, especially weekends on FOX 10. And you can always stay informed at @KrystalOrtizWx on Twitter.

5 more things to know about FOX 10 Meteorologist Krystal Ortiz

What's your favorite part of the Valley and Arizona?

Sedona always holds the #1 spot for me across the state. It's so beautiful! In the Valley, I'm biased because it's where I grew up, but I love Old Town Gilbert. I remember when it was just a dusty old town where I attended the 'Gilbert Days' parade as a kid. 

My grandfather used to own a bar in Old Town, so we visited the area a lot. Now, I'm blown away by all the incredible restaurants and things to do! There are so many spots in the Valley and the state that I want to explore and see for the first time.

While your career took you across the country, what did you miss most about Arizona?

Aside from missing family and friends, I really missed all my favorite restaurants! I'm a bit of a foodie. I love trying new spots, and I am equally excited to hit my old-faves like Postinos, Cornish Pasty and Barrio Queen to name a few. I haven't lived here in a decade and a lot has changed! I'm looking forward to exploring all the new stuff the Valley has to offer. I'm also really excited to get back to hiking more once it cools down. I love hiking Piestewa and going up to Sedona or Flagstaff.

When you're not on the air, where are we most likely to find you?

I like to check out new restaurants, swim and do barre classes. I'm a big Marvel fan, so anyone who wants to chat with me about the latest show or movie, I'm ready! My husband and I try to take a fall foliage-hiking trip each fall, picking new parts of the country. We've hit a variety of northeast spots, so I'm looking forward to checking out places out west now!

Your Twitter bio says "dog lover", can you elaborate?

I have a beagle-corgi mix named Freckles. I'm totally a "dog lady" and love my little guy. He's spoiled, and he knows it! During the pandemic, when I was doing the weather from my apartment in Center City, Philadelphia, Freckles became a bit of a local star since he commonly snuck into my live shot.

I'm also very invested in animal advocacy. Both in El Paso and Philly, I was one of the animal shelter/rescue partners and would host various events/ telethons to raise funds for animal welfare. I adopted my dog on television, to show people how easy the process can be! I look forward to connecting with shelters and rescues across AZ, too. BTW-- I love cats, too. I'm just allergic, so I keep my distance.

And last, but not least. Who do you root for on Sundays?

You’re basically required to be an Eagles fan when you live in Philly. Admittedly, I had a fun time cheering them on over the last 6 years. The fans out there are DEDICATED! However, I always held onto my Cardinals gear, and I still went to games when I visited family in AZ. I’m looking forward to being part of the Red Sea again!!