Scavenger hunt, pub crawl experience offered in Old Town Scottsdale

If you love hanging out with friends, enjoying a drink or two and solving puzzles, then a Puzzle Ride might be for you.

While zooming through Old Town Scottsdale or Prescott, teams only have an hour and 15 minutes to solve a series of puzzles to find their next destination.

"We took our existing puzzle rides and we mixed it with a pub crawl," said Katie Dufort, the owner of Puzzle Rides. "I love the choose your own adventure where you don't know where you are going, and every time it can be different."

The current theme is "Hot Summer Nights: Classic Rock 'n Roll." People can visit four bars in a choose-your-adventure style puzzle ride based on beer and classic rock songs.

"You've got four different cues, if you will, at each district." said Dufort. "You've got a song lyric, you have a song name, you have a band member, and you have a band, so in each district you're only going to pick one.

"Once you get your puzzle pack open, you have to figure out what the drink of your bar is," Dufort explained. "We spend 25 minutes at each bar, regardless of whether or not you figure out the drink at the bar. When 25 minutes is up, you then are going to pick another box."

Sixteen bars in Old Town are participating, including RockBar, Goldwater Brewing, Porter's Western Saloon, BS West, Grapevine, Scapegoat Beer & Wine and Gilligan's.

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