Scottsdale couple in quarantine on cruise ship docked in Japan due to coronavirus outbreak

With 175 confirmed COVID-19 coronavirus cases confirmed on a cruise ship docked near Japan, all passengers onboard, including a couple from Scottsdale, are under quarantine.

On Wednesday, FOX 10's Linda Williams spoke with the couple. The Gunias were supposed to end their 15-day cruise on February 5, when they returned to port at Yokohama in Tokyo Bay. That's when they discovered that passengers on the Diamond Princess cruise ship had tested positive for the new coronavirus.

Since then, 174 passengers have tested positive, forcing them into a 14-day quarantine. Every other day, they are allowed to leave their rooms, by schedule.

Sommer Gunia and her husband, Steve, onboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship that is currently under quarantine. (Courtesy: Sommer and Steve Gunia)

"We get an hour to walk," said oncologist Sommer Gunia. "When we go out, we have to wear a mask. We have to be a little over six feet apart from each other."

Dr. Gunia was travelling with her husband, Steve, and four other family members. She misses her practice and puppies back home, but says she and her husband are doing all they can to stay positive and hopeful.

"We both married our best friends. We enjoy playing games, puzzles. He watches sci-fi," said Dr. Gunia.

Over 3,700 passengers and crew hope they will be released from the ship on February 19, when the quarantine should be lifted. The doctor is commending Princess Cruises for their response to the crisis.

I really think they are trying very hard," said Dr. Gunia. "This is such a unique and strange situation. They actually sent a letter two nights ago -- It all starts to blend together -- they are giving our money back for the cruise. They are giving us a new free cruise. They are wiping out all of our shipboard accounts. They are even going so far as paying for our airfare, so I think they are being overly generous, even though it wasn't their fault."

This story was reported on from Phoenix