Scottsdale couple's twins born months apart; one remains in NICU

Here's a story you don't hear every day: twins in Scottsdale were born almost two months apart. One survived, and the other did not.

In early March, Stephanie Beasley went into premature labor and lost her stillborn daughter Juniper. In an amniotic sack next to Juniper was her twin brother Stetson. Stephanie and her husband Jeff were told to consider terminating the second pregnancy because it wasn't likely for Stetson to survive, but he did.

"After our daughter was born, they said he wouldn't make it beyond a week. He'd probably be stillborn. It was really quite a miraculous story. He was born 50 days later."

Stetson was born on May 17, at just 2 pounds, 3 ounces.

"After Juniper was born - take that grieving and put that aside, but then our goal was to get to 24 weeks. And we did a lot of research saying has this ever happened? Because we were given close to zero percent chance of happening."

The NICU at HonorHealth Shea is the only home Stetson has known. But now he's 6 pounds, breathing and eating on his own. The Beasleys had to mask their grief over their daughter and stay strong for their son.

"My thought process was that I had to stay happy because they feel your emotions while you're there."

Their faith is what got them through.

"Every day that I went back, he was still there. They weren’t calling and saying something went wrong 'cause you’re terrified. That’s constantly in the back of your head, yeah."

The parents still spend hours in the NICU, waiting for their son to finally come home, but they share their story, giving hope to other families facing tough decisions like theirs.

"You hear stories, but you don’t think about it, and it’s like it’s not going to happen to me, but well, here we are."


The Beasley's Juniper Foundation website at will be available in the near future.