2 Scottsdale Police officers injured; suspect dead following shooting in Mesa

A man is dead, another was arrested and two Scottsdale Police officers were hurt after a shooting in Mesa on Monday, Nov. 13.

Scottsdale Police spokesperson Officer Aaron Bolin says officers were tracking two suspects into the city of Mesa in connection to a previous armed robbery case around noon.

There were two suspects in a car as well as a person believed to be a kidnapping victim related to the armed robbery case. Officers say the car stopped at Moreno's Mexican Grill near Broadway Road and Horne.

One of the suspects went inside the restaurant. That's when officers moved in and tried to get the victim out of the car.

"Detectives immediately began taking gunfire from the suspect who had remained inside the vehicle. In response, four detectives returned fire, striking the suspect, who was found to be wearing body armor," the department said.

The suspect inside the car was struck and killed. He remains unidentified.

"The victim fled from the vehicle while the gunfire was taking place and was immediately taken to safety by detectives," police said.

Several guns and ammo were reportedly found inside the car.

Although police previously said no officers were injured, the Scottsdale Police Department clarified that 2 officers sustained minor injuries. One of them was injured by the suspect's bullet fragment.

The other suspect who was inside the restaurant surrendered to police. He's identified as 43-year-old Wyatt Edge.

43-year-old Wyatt Edge

Where the shooting happened:

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