Scottsdale Police: Suspect breaks into home, sexually assaults woman in bed

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (KSAZ) -- Scottsdale Police say a man is under arrest for trespassing, burglary and sexually assaulting a woman while she was sleeping in bed.

According to court documents, 41-year-old Brian James Wambold, entered a home in Scottsdale through the side gate and sliding back door.

Officers interviewed the victim who said Wambold entered her master bedroom and she was "awoken by a male groping and fondling her aggressively on her breasts and vagina over her shirt and underwear."

The victim told police she thought her husband was groping her and repeatedly pushed back. Reports say Wambold continued to kiss her neck and chest.

On Monday, the alleged victim spoke with FOX 10's Matt Galka.

"I started screaming," said Collin Snediker. "A man on top of me, kissing me and touching me everywhere."

At first, Snediker didn't realize it was a stranger.

"I thought, 'is my husband out of his mind?'" said Snediker. "I kept pushing him away and I said, 'no, stop, no, no', and I felt his face and he had a beard. My husband doesn't have a beard, and I felt my husband was next to me sleeping."

Luckily, Snediker and her husband were able to fight Wambold off.

"My husband pushed him down on the bed, and we held him down with a baseball bat and we called 911," said Snediker.

Snediker and her husband were not the only ones in the home.

"The first thing I did was check on my sister," said Snediker's daughter, Madison. "She's in the room next to us. She was fine, and I just went and helped her hold him down."

Police eventually arrested Wambold.