Scottsdale Police to hold public meeting regarding woman's homicide

Scottsdale police are remaining tight-lipped as far as their investigation is concerned and that has a lot of neighbors in the area concerned as well.

They plan to have an informational meeting that will be held at Pima Elementary School Tuesday night to help answer any questions people may have.

"It makes you edgy and it's not a good feeling," said Dave.

For days, Dave has watched law enforcement vehicles come and go. He lives a few doors down from where officers say Feldman was found dead inside her home by her boyfriend last week.

Police are classifying her death as a homicide.

Since the investigation began, police have released very few details, which has some in the area worried.

That's why police went door to door Monday night, passing out flyers for an informational meeting that will be held.

"I guess I will be going. I'm a neighbor that's concerned. Everybody else is concerned about what's going on."

The residents here are hoping it puts fears aside while police continue their investigation.

"My thoughts are this wasn't a stranger type of issue. I don't think there are killers roaming the neighborhood. I walked around this neighborhood for the entire time I have been here and it's a safe neighborhood."