Scuba diver shares special bond with grey seals

A diver researching marine life is sharing a special connection at sea.

Ben Burville, a medical doctor and underwater cameraman, has been observing and filming grey seals off the coast of the United Kingdom for more than 18 years. Burville's expeditions gather information which is then reported back to universities, conservation groups and researchers.

During his experience diving with seals, Burville said he has learned techniques from the animals, mainly movement and vocalizations. Those techniques, Burville said, make the seals for more at ease around him and lead to the incredible interactions caught on video.

While Burville has contact with seals, he said he would not advocate that other divers touch marine life, especially seals. Burville points out that seals have powerful jaws, sharp teeth and bacteria that could cause harm to a diver. He reminds divers that seals are wild animals, and though they are commonly associated with acting like dogs, they're really more the size of a bear, with some grey seals weighing close to 500 pounds.

Burville said he hopes his videos demonstrate how gentle, intelligent and trusting seals can be and encourages people to help protect