Search continues for Phoenix man who went missing on Oregon's Mount Hood

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- A Phoenix man still not found, after going missing during a hike on Mount Hood.

30-year-old David Yaghmourian was last seen on Monday. Officials with the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office say Yaghmourian was hiking the Timberline Trail with his friend, Hayden Kirschbaum, before he went missing. Kirschbaum said the two started the hike Friday, and were on the final stretch Monday.

"At about one mile to go, and within visibility of the lodge, David needed some extra time to take breaks," said Kirshbaum. "I wasn't feeling good at the time, so I asked if we could split up and meet up at the lodge."

When Yaghmourian didn't show up at the lodge, Kirschbaum became worried and called for help.

Crews, meanwhile, are having a tough time with their search because of the cold and rainy conditions. Yaghmourian's parents are in Oregon now to help with the search.

""Confident that he will do the best that he can to fight the battle, the elements and try to survive," said Gerry/Mary Ellen Yaghmourian.

"He's very bright and he's very analytical, so he'll look at the situation and say what's the best way to get out of this," said Gerry/Mary Ellen Yaghmourian.

Crews will continue their search on Thursday.