Search for bank robbery suspect locks down Sun City neighborhood

A Sun City man is behind bars, accused of robbing his neighborhood bank. Deputies say Mark Neal threatened to detonate a fake pipe bomb during the robbery.

It turned out it was just a piece of PVC pipe and an electronic cigarette.

Cell phone video shows Mark Neal surrendering to deputies, minutes after investigators say he robbed the Amtrust Bank in Sun City.

Jan Beloth is Neal's next door neighbor. Neal told investigators he robbed the bank to try and get money to visit his wife and kids in Indiana.

"He simply got in a financial bind, he had no money, they evicted his family," said Jan Beloth.

Deputies say Neal threatened to detonate a fake pipe bomb while robbing the bank.

"He had no money, he didn't have money for one cigarette, much less to build a pipe bomb," she said.

The fake bomb prompted authorities to close off the area and evacuate some homes.

"The whole street, everything was blocked off... this used to be a nice place for us old people," said Albert Antinarelli.