Search underway for missing macaw in San Tan Valley

A family pet is missing and search teams want to find the animal. We're talking about a macaw. The colorful bird was last seen in San Tan Valley and teams have been searching for this pricey parrot all day.

The bird has been missing since Thursday. the owner says time is ticking on locating the bird who is just 5-months-old. They say the bird is being hand-fed and still hasn't been trained to fly outside.

The family is asking everyone in the San Tan Valley area to keep their eyes on the skies, especially if you hear a bird with a raspy calling voice. 

The bird's owner, John Podora, says the baby bird, Charlie, flew away when they opened the front door. Now they have the community coming together, trying to find Charlie. They're even using a bird named Breeze to locate the baby bird.

"What we're doing is using a bird that's trained for free-flying, meaning you have the bird and they go up in the air and they circle back around," Podora said. "They're also trained to do tasks when they're in the air. The specific bird had found other birds that have been missing in the past."

The bird is blue and yellow with some green. He was last seen over moon shadow green belt.

There are search crews coming together to look for the bird. They say the best times to search for the bird are in the morning at 5 a.m. and at sunset. They're also asking people in the area to look in bushes and trees.