'Serve the Future' is changing the way Arizona's youth learns tennis

Tennis is a sport that you can enjoy playing for decades.

But for many kids, they have never been around the game and certainly do not know the proper techniques to play it.

However, a local nonprofit, "Serve the Future," is changing that.

With every volley, these kids at North High School in the Phoenix Union School District are improving.

"Sometimes you have to go back to the basics, so she helped me go back to the basics, start from step one, and help me improve way more," sophomore Victor Mendieta said.

Before high school, many had never picked up a tennis racket, but now they don’t want to put it down. Like senior Jazmin Hernandez.

"I want to go to a community college and try out on their tennis team," Hernandez said.

Leslie Banks runs the Phoenix nonprofit.

"It is to positively impact youth from underserved communities by building self-confidence, perseverance and responsibility through tennis," Banks said.

The former Division 1 tennis player says this is her purpose.

She helps out teams throughout the district and works directly with the coaches who may not have a tennis background.

Coach Andre Rodriguez says it’s a win-win for his team.

"Each time coach Leslie comes around, the next time they're playing games, they're confident," Rodriguez said. "Their techniques are down a little bit better, she really has a way of connecting with them."

"I 100% got better with her because she helps me get down techniques," Mendieta said.

"She teaches so much technique and stuff like that, that got me way better than last year," Hernandez said.

Banks says her goal, is to continue to grow, so that more students across the valley can learn how to play the game.

"I want it to be as open as possible. Whatever level you show up, you’re welcome," Banks said.

If you want to learn more about "Serve the Future" and ways you can help, go here: https://servethefuture.org/