Service member's dog waiting a year at AZ Humane Society for foster home

It was a tearful goodbye when Kelly, the 6-year-old Beagle, had to part ways with her owner who was being deployed to serve overseas.

That goodbye was over a year ago.

Fast forward to now, and Kelly still hasn't found a foster home to take her in until her owner comes back in 2018.

She's leash trained, house trained and knows all of the basic commands.

Being a Beagle with a fine-tuned nose and a strong-desire to be near people may lead Kelly out of the yard if someone isn't keeping a watchful eye. However, long walks, playtime with other dogs or kids, chewing on a bone or being a part of family activities keeps her content.

Through the Project Active Duty Program, you're not only helping out Kelly, but also supporting our troops.

If you're interested in being Kelly's temporary foster family, call (602) 997-7585 ext. 2156.