Should McCain resign? Arizona Senate candidate questions his ability to serve

Dr. Kelli Ward, a Republican running for Senate, is questioning how long Senator John McCain should hold on to his senate seat.

McCain revealed he had been diagnosed with brain cancer earlier this week, but is now vowing to fight and return to Washington.

Ward stated, "My prayers are with Senator McCain and his family. The medical reality of his diagnosis is grim. Senator McCain has an aggressive brain cancer that is both devastating and debilitating. When the time comes that Senator McCain can no longer perform his duties in the Senate at full capacity, he owes it to the people of Arizona to step aside."

Ward ran against McCain in the 2016 primary election and is now trying to unseat Senator Jeff Flake.

She went on to say that as a doctor, she has counseled patients making end of life decisions, adding, "The Senate has complicated and difficult problems to deal with and Arizona deserves to be represented by someone who can focus on those challenges. I hope and pray that Senator McCain will be comfortable as he battles this terrible disease."

Meanwhile, Senator McCain appears to be staying active as he recovers from surgery, tweeting that he was on a phone call with governors to discuss health care and will support whatever health care plan Gov. Doug Ducey believes is best for the people of Arizona.