Sinkhole opens up in Fountain Hills

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A large sinkhole caused a fire truck to get stuck last night, and now some people in Fountain Hills are forced to take a detour for the next seven days as crews repair it.

It's not something you want to wake up to but many people in Fountain Hills did.

"This is probably the 5th or 6th time it has happened in this area, and out in Palasades, it has happened a few times as well," said Mark Graham.

A water main broke last night. Crews were working throughout the night digging a 20 x 10 foot hole in order to get a new pipe installed.

"I walked out of the house, and I could hear the noise, and so I came to investigate and the water was whole street wide," said Graham.

All of the water caused the northbound lanes on Sunridge Drive to completely buckle. Now 600 feet of it has to be repaved, we're told it will take about a week.

"This is the main road for Sunridge Canyon, it's the main road for people who live in North Heights, it's the main road for people who live in Eagle's Nest," said Boe James.

It's not known if the pipe cracked from old age, or how it was originally set into the ground.

"It's kind of a mystery as to why it keeps happening, I don't know if they have high pressure, or what the deal is," said James.

To avoid the road closure, take Desert Canyon Drive, which James says is about a three mile detour.