Small business Saturday: Local shops rely on customers to help support them during the holidays

"If somebody can make it, we probably have it here."

Ali Nervis is the co-founder of Acres Community Creators Marketplace. The foundation for the marketplace was developed years ago, but the store just opened in July at 6th Street and Roosevelt. It provides a space for small and local businesses to sell their goods full time.

"A store like this is critically important because entrepreneurs and business owners need opportunities, especially when it comes to growing and scaling up their business," said Nervis.

The mission behind the store was to help launch small businesses and help others reach a broader audience and become more successful.

"I think in a few years, what we want to see is most of these brands being household names," said Nervis.

According to the Small Business Administration, there are more than 33 million small businesses in the United States. And those small businesses employ almost half of our country's employees.

"Supporting small business is vitally important because small businesses is one of the major engines of our economy," said Nervis.

Acres Community Creators Marketplace supports dozens of businesses and Nervis says he's hoping his investment in these businesses pays off for our community.

"If we invest in more of that locally, more of it would stay locally, and we would see so many more things thrive locally for our local economy."

Acres Community Creators Marketplace is located in Roosevelt Row. It's open Wednesday through Sunday.