Sober Living scheme: 10 charged with trying to broker AIHP patients in exchange for money

Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes announced a grand jury has indicted 10 people related to the sober living scheme plaguing Arizona.

All 10 are facing charges of trying to broker substance abuse patients in exchange for cash.

According to the indictment, the suspects tried to broker 75 patients on the American Indian Health program to undercover agents who had set up a fake "grand opening" of a new sober living home.

In exchange, some of the suspects wanted $300 per day, per patient.

The suspects arrested include Angela Dauz Turgano, Julienne Swaka, Jose Miguel Saturnino-Corrales, Willy Rutaysire, Espoir Muhumure Nzabakiza, Immaculate Nutesi, Jean Bosco Nsabimana, Pierrette Kagame, Nasibu Bauni, and Vestine Mukarukundo.

All the patients were offered care at legitimate licensed facilities.