Social media posts show clash at Georgia high school during pre-class pro-Trump gathering

Three students were disciplined following a gathering in support of President Donald Trump held before classes started at Cass High in Bartow County on Wednesday morning.

Video of the clash between student Trump supporters and a biracial student were shared all over social media.

Several parents told FOX 5 the Cass High School students were greeted with Trump signs, MAGA hats, and racial slurs Wednesday morning, organized by a group of students.

Bi-racial student Nadia Hall took issue with what she called political bullying and racial slurs. She can be seen confronting the group in the video, and then one of the students allegedly poured liquid, believed to be chewing tobacco salvia on her. Hall said she then hit him, and the altercation began.

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Hall admits she poured water on that same student the day before because he had on a Trump T-shirt.

Many parents said they believe the Trump paraphernalia is inappropriate at school.

"They had organized this to see how black students would react. They planned to wear MAGA hats, T-shirts and hold Trump banners, but they were calling people the N-word too," Mom Danyelle Jackson revealed. Mrs. Jackson called the principal and superintendent immediately.

"My daughter was shocked. She called me this morning. You can hear racial slurs in the video. She was like, ‘Mom look what is happening at school. I can't believe this,’" mom Tiffany Bogus shared with FOX 5.

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Bartow County Schools downplayed the video and said three students were disciplined following the incident writing in a statement:

"This incident was not a Trump rally, rather an isolated incident that happened before school this morning.

“This type of behavior, which distracts from the learning environment, is not and will not be tolerated on school grounds. Disciplinary action has been taken to ensure compliance with Bartow County School System’s Code of Conduct and high standards of behavior.”

Another student, Rickki Bautista, who is transgender, said he had been called names and bullied constantly at the school and the administration had not addressed the issues for several years.