Some neighbors of Arizona Biltmore Golf Club say renovations will cause more problems than good

Upgrades may be coming to the Arizona Biltmore Golf Club, changes that the owners say are much needed, but not everyone is on board with the plan.

Neighbors are expressing concerns over the potential changes, saying they're concerned with what is happening at the golf course and that all they want is to come to an agreement and see if they can work together.

"These people that live here moved here because of the solitude and tranquility and beautiful views they have and we feel what the golf course is planning will change all of that," said neighbor Richard Arroyo.

The owners say, however, the changes are well overdue.

"We have grand plans moving forward to make it the quality that the neighborhood deserves. The buildings are very old, old beyond use and we have developed a plan to continue to operate the course as it's been operated with the same activity it always had, but just in beautiful new facilities that again are consistent with the neighborhood of the Biltmore," said Tom O'Malley with JDM Partners. 

JDM Partners say the new additions will include a clubhouse with a restaurant, bar and pro shop. But still, some neighbors aren't on board.

"For instance, they're talking about building a 6,000-square foot pavilion. What is it going to do to traffic? Noise? What it's going to do to the neighborhood is essentially a problem," says neighbor Ina Manaster.

The city of Phoenix Board of Adjustment will be holding a hearing on Thursday with neighbors and JDM Partners.