Sources: Tentative deal reached on Talking Stick Resort Arena renovations

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- The Phoenix Suns and Phoenix city officials met behind closed doors on Wednesday to discuss the future of the team in Downtown Phoenix, as well as the future of Talking Stick Resort Arena.

FOX 10 Phoenix has learned that both sides have agreed to pay for renovations to the arena, and that a deal could be completed soon. The timing of all this, however, is raising a few eyebrows. That is raising a few eyebrows.

Outside of Talking Stick Resort Arena on Wednesday night, there's hope for the future of the Suns.

"They got a lot of talent, I think they need a point guard," said Suns fan Larry Castile, talking about Suns' performance on the court.

Off the court, however, the drama around where the Suns will play has been a hot topic, with potentially hundreds of millions of dollars hanging in the balance, for a new arena or renovations. Now, sources say that the closed door meeting on Wednesday led to the city agreeing to fund a renovation plan.

Fans, however, don't think it's a slam dunk right now.

"Need a winner first, and the owners making billions of dollars," said Suns season ticket holder Clyde Williams.

"I don't think they need to upgrade at all," said Suns fan Terrance Wilson.

The City of Phoenix will elect a new mayor, via a runoff election in March 2019. Mayoral candidate Kate Gallego has made it clear she thinks the taxpayer money potentially spent on renovations could be better used elsewhere.

"I do think there are many people who know putting hundreds of millions into sports arenas is not a top priority for me, and with our significant margin of victory in Tuesday's election, they may want to get a deal done right away," said Gallego.

Gallego's runoff opponent, Daniel Valenzuela, said he at least wants to hear proposals.

"We have a city-owned facility that is one of the anchors of Downtown Phoenix that touches thousands of jobs," said Valenzuela. "People who live right here in Phoenix, we have to understand it's about vibrancy, moving people forward."

The deal is by no means done. Agenda items, public comment, and a council vote still need to take place. Currently, there's no timetable on that.