Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center sees increase in orphaned animals

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- The Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center says they're getting a huge influx of orphaned baby animals in need of help.

"All the little guys, everybody breeds in spring and then all the little ones start opening their eyes and venturing out and that's when we start getting them in, James O'Brien with Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center.

This year's wildlife baby boom comes as no surprise.

"They're doing great, everybody's doing good, the babies are very healthy upon entry, and I think that goes back to the wet winter and the adults being able to be so successful," said O'Brien.

However, the intake of species is usually unexpected, varying every year.

"It seems like it kind of fluctuates year to year, last year we didn't have very many but because of the wet winter and even the snow we had down here there's just a lot more forage for the animals," said O'Brien.

This season Southwest Wildlife has taken in small, baby raccoons, bears, birds, javelina, and even skunk.

"Right now we have more raccoons than I've ever seen being here, I think we have 37 raccoon babies, just individuals," said O'Brien. "We also have a mom who is still nursing the two that she had, they were trapped at home in an attic."

The care specialists say, not only do the babies seem to be healthy and growing, but the adults are doing well too.

Southwest Wildlife is donation only, and they are always accepting donations. If you'd like to help click here.