SpotRx: Pharmacy vending machine processes prescriptions in minutes

SpotRx has been around Arizona for a while, but more and more people are getting on board during the pandemic because of their contactless business model.

"It's a new concept pharmacy with an emphasis on trying to get everyone their medication, fast, efficient - with that caring touch at the end," said a SpotRx spokesperson. 

They offer giant vending machines for prescriptions - a pharmacist and pharmacy all in one.

"You just go up to the machine and a representative comes online, just like you'd do in any retail setting," said a spokesperson. "That technician would the interact with you, identify who you are to make sure you have the right person - from there we're going to process that prescription."

You can scan your prescription, talk to the tech, and can get your prescription in minutes.

Now, however, you don't even have to visit a kiosk to get your prescriptions. The company offers free delivery to many parts of Arizona, free of charge.

"We have several patients that are thankful we deliver to their door...we make accomodations to deliver to them," a spokesperson said.

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